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Today, due to the outstanding benefits of cost-saving, proactive schedule and memorable experiences, a self-sufficient Vietnam motorcycle trip becomes a favorable tourism type of the young generation. However, if the backpacking tours are not planned carefully, there will be problems arising on the road. Queries such as what to ride, what to prepare, what way to follow, how to arrange your time and what to note, are frequently in a divided mind. In order to help you handle those troubles and to have the best preparation, BM Travel Adventure gives you useful tips for a trip that goes off without a hitch.

Dong-Van-motorbike-tour-to-Meo-Vac-VIETNAM MOTORCYCLE TRIP

1. Choose the right motorcycle

The initial factor which decides the tour qualification is transportation means. You can freely choose between manual transmission motorcycle and scooter motor, motorcycle using the clutch or big displacement motorcycle but that kind of vehicle needs to be fit with the road and your body shape. To support you, BM Travel Adventure will analyze both the pros and cons of each kind of transportation.



  • Comfortable feeling for backpackers due to hands utilization instead of feet
  • Suitable design and easy control for women
  • Wide trunk, appropriate for backpacking because of bulk luggage carrying
  • Inner tubeless tires using. In case of rolling into nails, the scooter motor still can move a further distance for finding motorcycle repair shop thanks to inner tubeless tires using
  • Broad space for putting feet for dirt reduction


  • Only available with a flat road and highway which is easy to go. Rough roads, passes, and steep ones are inappropriate
  • High maintenance expenses

Manual motorcycles:


  • Compact, easy to control
  • Low repair and maintenance cost
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Easy to tie-up
  • High chassis to avoid the obstacles on roads


  • Regular minor breakdown
  • Easy to get dirty, small trunk

Motorcycles using clutch


  • Low fuel consumption
  • Dedicated for backpacking


  • Difficult to drive, easy to cause danger
  • Not available for everyone, especially the girls due to more suitable design for men as having to use both hands to consecutively put on clutches

Big displacement motorcycle

A dedicated motorcycle for backpacking called a big displacement motorcycle gives travelers the experience of getting high. However, not everyone can drive this kind of vehicle. It is very necessary to be careful in every situation and familiar with vehicle control to avoid dangers on the trip.

2. Thorough motorcycle checking

It is a must to check the motorcycle carefully before the trip. However, many people ignore this step, which causes inconvenient incidents of transportation means. Not only tires and rims need to be tested but oil also should be changed to ensure no incident happens on the road, even on rough paths.

3.  Full fuel tank filled

Another notice is filling full fuel tank for your motorcycle at each gas station, especially far distance trips to mountain tourism destinations to avoid walking motorcycle on the road.

4. Needed equipment

To ensure your trip go on safely, these essential items below are a must in your bag:

– Relevant documents: Vehicle registration, driving license, and other personal papers.

– A basic toolset for reparation: Tire changer, tire hook and patch kit, hand or foot pump, and some basic tools such as screwdriver, pliers, and wrench.

– In addition, it’s a need to bring a few bright ribbons to mark the identification of your motorcycle for the following vehicles, so you can avoid unexpected accidents on roads.

– Bring a big bottle to buy spare petrol, avoid areas without filling stations.

– A qualified rope is a savior to have your motorcycle in tow if needed.



5. Luggage preparation

The advice for you is not to bring too much bulky baggage when having a self-sufficient backpacking trip by motorcycle. Just clothes enough for the journey that is bound and fixed in the rear of the motorcycle on the whole schedule. Other important small items such as papers, wallets, phones, etc are put in a bag which is worn by your side.

Notes when roughing it on the road by motorcycle: Only carry the necessary luggage, say no to redundant things.

6. Do not drive at night

Wherever you go, it is absolutely dangerous when holding your motorcycle running at night, especially the pass road due to the light from headlights of many heavy load lorries on very small curve roads causing some pity accidents for you. Hence, BM Travel Adventure strongly advises you not to drive at night if it is unnecessary.

7. Weather attention

It can rain cats and dogs or be hotter than blazes whenever in mountainous areas. As a result, weather forecast plays an important role in the self-sufficient Vietnam motorcycle trip to hilly provinces due to the changeable weather. Low temperature and heavy fog conditions occur regularly, even landslide appearance after rain. It is very dangerous when riding on the steep pass with thick fog or heavy rain. To ensure safety and convenience for the trip, you should follow the weather forecast very often to choose the right schedule. Remember to use the right turn signal in case if it rains heavily or appears thick fog to be safe as much as possible.


The information mentioned above is the useful tip for a backpacking tour by motorcycle. To take initiative for the trip, you can choose to rent any kind of motorcycle at BM Travel Adventure including a manual transmission motorcycle, scooter motor, motorcycle using the clutch or big displacement motorcycle in every province in Vietnam.


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