Vietnam visa fees from Thailand 2019 – 2020

Vietnam visa fees from Thailand 2019 – 2020

November 11, 2019 0 By Mi Pandora

Thailand citizens don’t need a Vietnam Visa if they want to enter Vietnam, but how about foreigners live in Thailand.?Before applying for visa, you need to know Vietnam visa fees from Thailand to make a perfect plan.

As a usual rule, if you want to enter other countries, you need to have a visa. However, thanks to exemption list, you may not need visa to enter some countries in limited period. Take a look in list below to determine whether you nationality is in list of countries exempt from visa to enter Vietnam or not, in case you are not Thailand passport holder but you are now in Thailand.

List of countries exempt from Vietnam visa

Areas Countries Term of residence
Asia Singapore less than 30 days
Thailand less than 30 days
Malaysia less than 30 days
Indonesia less than 30 days
Laos less than 30 days
Philippines less than 21 days
Japan less than 15 days
South Korea less than 15 days
Cambodia less than 30 days
Brunei less than 14 days
Myanmar less than 14 days
European Sweden less than 15 days
Finland less than 15 days
Denmark less than 15 days
Germany less than 15 days
France less than 15 days
United Kingdom less than 15 days
Italy less than 15 days
Spain less than 15 days
Norway less than 15 days

In fact, Thailand is in exemption list so Thai citizens can stay in Vietnam less than 30 days without a visa. However, if they want to stay for more than 30 days, they still need to apply Vietnam visa as usual.

Vietnam Visa On Arrival in Thailand

Vietnam visa fees from Thailand

There are 2 ways to apply for a Vietnam Visa from Thailand: online and offline. Although many people like the traditional way of applying at the Vietnam Embassy, there is online applying that takes you a little time to do. This way allow you to apply from any third country.

Vietnam Visa On Arrival is a solution for those living so far away from the Embassy or Consulate, do not have time to go there apply for themselves, do not want to lose the issues (passport, money or documents) by postal mail or get traffic jam on the way to Embassy. They just need a few minutes at home, accessing the Internet and doing some simple steps, they are ready to apply a visa.

In other words, to get Visa On Arrival, you need to find a trusted visa agent to obtain for you. We suggest you to choose this way because of its shortest and quickest processing time: from 1 to 2 working days. In urgent service, you can get visa in 4 to 8 working hours and even in rush case, it takes you from 30 minutes to 1 working hour.

Required Documents: When applying by this way, no documents are needed.

How to apply for Visa On Arrival in Thailand?

Vietnam visa fees from Thailand

Doing some simple step following, you can get a Visa On Arrival:

  • Filling out the Vietnam Visa Application Form with your information.
  • Pay for service fee. Double check carefully your information before paying fee, you have to double . If there has any mistakes, click “BACK” to turn back the first step.
  • An approval letter will be sent to you in working time. Time process will depend on your booking, and the instructions to get your visa stamped is sent in the approval letter also.


  • You have to make sure that your passport has at least 6 months validity and at least 2 left pages before going to apply for Vietnam visa
  • You can only applying Visa On Arrival when traveling by air to Vietnam.

Applying Vietnam visa on Arrival or Business Vietnam visa, you can get your Vietnam visa in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Sukhothai, Krabi, Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi or any cities in Thailand. Let’s apply visa at!

Vietnam Visa fees from Thailand

There are 2 types of Vietnam Visa fees from Thailand:  Service fee and Stamping fee.
Vietnam visa fees from Thailand
Service fee is paid for Visa Agent for their processing your Vietnam visa request. They will representative for visitors/ business men to apply with the Immigration Department to get the visa approval letter in time as your booking. Normally, with normal service, you will get approval letter in 2 days, in urgent services from  4-8 hours, excluding weekends/national holidays.
Stamping fee is ruled by the Immigration Department and at any legal Governmental website and on the landing visa counter at any international airport you can see rates of stamping fee because it is publicly promulgated. You can pay it directly to the Immigration Department ‘s officer at landing visa desk by cash in both USD and VND and receive the red bill for it.
As you know, Vietnam visa can be applied no matter where you are and what your nationality is. You can pay Vietnam visa fees from Thailand online and this fees will depend on your nationality.
Apart from Vietnam Visa fees from Thailand, you can choose some extra services accompanied when applying Visa on Arrival to make your trip be more convenient and comfortable such as AIRPORT FAST-TRACK, CAR PICK-UP, HOTEL RESERVATION or TOUR BOOKING. For a detailed fee, please refer Vietnam Visa Fees!

How many type of Vietnam Visa?

Vietnam visa fees from Thailand

There are 6 kinds of visa that Visa Agent can apply for you:
1 month single: Single entry visa to Vietnam for 1 month (Quote per person in USD)
1 month multiple: Multiple entries visa to Vietnam for 1 month (Quote per person in USD)
3 months single: Single entry visa to Vietnam for 3 months (Quote per person in USD)
3 months multiple: Multiple entries visa to Vietnam for 3 months (Quote per person in USD)
6 months multiple: Multiple entries visa to Vietnam for 6 months (Quote per person in USD)
1 year multiple: Multiple entries visa to Vietnam for 1 year (Quote per person in USD).
The fee will be different depends on what kind of visa you need. Total Vietnam Visa fee will be counted by Service Fee + Stamping Fee.

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